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Update, Longish

OK, well recently I've had a fortnight without my boss. Hard work as I took on some of her work, but I got through it & everything ran fairly smoothly, as far as I can tell everything balances & there were no major hickups. It can only look good & be beneficial in my view.

My friend then gave me a second Godson, Ethan Alexander Charlesworth, Born: 14th May 2002, Weighing: 8lb 4oz at 21:23. He is lovely, cuddly, and although wimoering when I picked him up he didn't cry but went back sound to sleep & his mum couldn't wake him for a feed. We've seen him twice since he was born but it's always good to be able to give them back. Their debut apperance to our Families will be at the wedding where my first Godson, Casson, will be Page Boy, but without the responsibility of rings.

The wedding dress fitting was fantastic, it looks wonderful, and needs no alteration to fit, but larger breasts would be advantageous. Hey ho, I can't have everything & I have got the most perfect fiancee. :-)

Once I'd dropped Mum off from our trip to Chester (Dress Fitting) I collected Tom from Denton before returning to Macclesfield to collect the wedding rings. Whey hey, the most important things sorted now. Left is to confirm Sound system & Photographer then everything (except cake) sorted until about 2 months before when the final preparations begin.

Bit of bad news today though. My Grandma (Dad's Mum) passed on today, but at least she is with Grandad now & at peace.

Oh err...

Bit of a moment there in Rachael's car.
Coming up to a tight left hand bend, on a damp road, so I braked early and scubbed more speed than normal. But as I turned in, the back snapped out ! I think this may have something to do with it pulling to the right under breaking, which may have upset the car into the corner.
Anyway, I stayed of the brake and stamped on the clutch while applying some opposite lock and it all came back together very quickly and no harm was done.
And I remembered to say sorry to Rachael afterwards :-)

Nice 3Com...

Finaly got a new dongle today !
All is well again.

3Com Episode II: Attack of the Cards

Well, they fucked up ! They sent a PCMCIA card, not the dongle.
Two phone calls (one to some foriegn bird who had no idea what a PCMCIA card was, let alone any concept of non-RMA items) and an e-mail later, and I'm promised the dongle is on its way.
And I can keep the NIC they sent. But I haven't dared try it as it has 'bad' written on it in black magic marker.

That was a week ago, and now almost two months since I sent them the broken part. So I've sent another email and I'll ring if I don't get a reply.

I'd ring now, but I've already done the agency's, the inland revenue, NatWest's buisness insurence system and the job centre today.


Well, that's the latest agency call yet, at 2010 ! Going forward for some ColdFusion dev. in Sale - which'll be nice.

The OneWorld situation is going well, with some funding on the horizon hopefully and lots of IT and web options opening.


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