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Well, that's the latest agency call yet, at 2010 ! Going forward for some ColdFusion dev. in Sale - which'll be nice.

The OneWorld situation is going well, with some funding on the horizon hopefully and lots of IT and web options opening.

Stupid 3COM !

Hi Thomas,

Further to your mail below....

I can confirm the replacement was shipped to you on 29/04,
please allow up to 10 working days for delivery.

Thank you for your co-operation.

Kindest Rgards Manda GLS Admin.

TEN DAYS ! It's not like it's got to go far is it ! It's not like it's big and bulky either ! And I got it to them next day before 11 for under a quid ! And their online RMA tracker is broken ! And this is after they lost it, despite having signed for it ! 20 days my arse !

Stupid 3COM.

Nice lynx though, I've just mailed that rant as plain text to 3COM. Bet's the NIC will get lost in transit ?

Stupid Americans !

Far be it for me to enforce stereotypes, but almost half of all Americans don't know how long it takes the Earth to go round the Sun.

These people have nuclear weapons, and have elected themselves defender's of the world against people they don't like.


Well, since I got home from work I've

Checked my e-mail,

Added quite a few presents to the wedding gift list, got a Photographer to send us some quotes & last weekend we've agreed what music we're walking out to. Still trying to find something I can walk into at the Registry do.

Going to see the Registra in a fortnight, so we're trying to think about everyting we should ask them.

Oh & my second GodChild is in the early stages of labour & has been since 10am YESTERDAY. It will be fun being there when his 3 year brother wakes up to find no Mum or Dad but us instead, (assuming he's born after 9pm).

More updates later.

In other news

Keep your eye on the wedding site, more gifts found this weekend. It was a really good shop once we'd got out of IKEA, I do hate that place when it's busy, but we did find some fantastic tables!!

Also getting some info from photographers in the Peterborough area, one of which comes extremely highly recommended by the hotel who is posting us some info tonight.

Wish we could find a weekend free soonish, we're getting really booked up, so if you want to see us before the end of July, I'd let us know when :-)


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