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I've finally managed to get completely upto date....
All orders onto system, all Production copies to Production..all black books written up & even got the biggest publication invoiced today (YAY) and only 3 days after it went out....

Boss is pleased & she goes away for a week in two weeks, leaving me in charge. I hope that things stay like this.

Bike and Weather

Bah, heavy rain today. Can't go out :-(

More updates...

... than you can shake a large pole labeled 'stick' at.
Turned down from the Dukinfield job (good !), still no news from Tytherington (bah !).
However, things are looking up with the PR/Media company job in Salford Rachael put me on to. I'm doing good WWW stuff for them, with an eye on some IT management.
Direct Car Finance rang and I did a quick little app for them today, which was nice.

Nightmares and Spring Rain

So, after bearing my soul in a long chat with Kel and then writing it all down for Tim to read, I got some sleep. And I dreamt hideous things. That Mum had gotten her results from the Dr and they said one of us had HIV, but she didn't know which. Then I was walking along the Niederdorf in the rain at dusk and ran into Henri, and then this HUGE dog came along and raped my leg and knocked me down..and then Henri turned into my brother who said, no, I couldn't go to Tim for comfort about the dog, I had to go home with him and we were going straight to the station. I forget where I was headed before the dog humped my tibia...a hotel I think. Weird. Woke up feeling like all hell. Was upset because the dog's owners just stood there and sad 'oh, he does this all the time' and then refused to switch insurance numbers with me...and the dog was about 8 metres long, mark you! And a St. Bernard. Ew.
Anyhow, am packing for Terezin. Need to finish cleaning and then go see Seven, who is now back from hospital with his knee. Op went well. He's become addicted to Spital yoghurt..nasty.
Speaking of which, a friend of my parents, Caroline, her husband died this morning. He was diagnosed with cancer just over two weeks ago and was told he had next to no time to live. They have a 5 year old boy. I feel terrible for her.
I've started taking Hepanephrol again until my stabilisers come through...yay a litre of artichoke a day. Yich. Can't take it with me, so I'll really start up again once I get back. Rar.
Was glad to see Nadine joined Tim's Air Bar Forum. Am trying my very best to chill out about everything and not fix what isn't broke. And I've pretty much gone as far as I can go on what is. So I should technically be resting easy. Ahem, riiight. Oh well. All should be prosperous from here on: I'm wearing red trousers. Time to finish packing!!!
Aww, little Mo got sent down for attempted murder in Eastenders. Rar.
But aside from being crushed for Caroline, things seem to be somewhat better today. Must be the Spring Rain.

Spring dust under the carpet

Hi. First entry at On. Found this through Greeba's site. Just checking in.

Events of today: overslept for the 204th time this 'year'. Have made attempts at cleansing the pit of hell I call my space. Laughed at the inevitable half-assed, half-finished mess I made of it. Then went out to te latest ZYPT meeting to discuss future productions and the trip to Terezin. Come Thursday I'll be in the Czech Republic. Wahey!
Proceeded to OB for chicken and wibbling with Greeba, Caitlin, Benny and Sarah. Wibbled extensively. Everyone is sick of hearing about how I'm actually going to work at Buck's Rock this year and direct my own piece and stuff. La vie continue. I decided to stop trying to fix things that were best left alone. Treating relationships like bug-bites (don't pick at it!) is indeed odd and probably downright rude, but hey, tough love, tough luck.
My triplets went boating without me! And on a day when I actually wanted to bounce too! Well Meh. Still, nevermind all that. Maybe I can get some sleep soon and actually accomplish something tomorrow. Or I could hit the 205 mark..
all in all it wasn't a bad day at all. Got stuff done, just need to tie up some loose and fraying ends and slowly shift into Buck's Rock mode. Yawn. Time for kip methinks.


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