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Todays interview was...

... twice as long as intended at an hour and a half.
Nice friendly company who've been around 2 years and don't seem to have an IT team really - let alone anyone to help them plan and deliver online stuff (their a marketing / PR firm).
Going back on Friday for an afternoon of FTP and Outlook fun.
Want me to work for 3 months to start with, then come back as a contractor - which is different.
Not as handy a location as the ColdFusion interview earlier in the week, but we'll see who bites first.

This weeks second interview...

... will be tommorow at 1500 in Salford.
It's with a company who places lots of adverts at the place Rachael works who are looking to expand their IT department.
Which is probably a good thing as their web page says "coming soon".

Todays interview was...

... quick :-)

Got in about 1450, out by 1515. Which is odd. Esp. as they seemed to like me and want me to go back for an afternoon or two to sit with their resident ColdFusion guru and see what they do (thinly disguusied tehnical interview there !).

Ho hum - nice company. Only a few people and a pub opposite.

Here's hoping something comes of this one !

Bump update

Bizarrely, my back today is feeling better than it has in a long time. I seem to have no ill effects from the bump. We visited or more correctly found & then visited Ashton Police station & showed my documents. All sorted then. Tom's insurance company are collecting the car on Monday & leaving us with a courtesy car.

I think the best news is that my back is fine.

Spank me...

Sorry, been at it again. I just can't stay away !

I think I might be adicticted, it's so cheap at only 39,323.90 USD (28K UKP. Cheaper than a Skyline !).
Doesn't fly though.


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