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Scotch on the Rocks 2010, Day 1 part 1

This years Scotch on the Rocks was based in central London, a conveniently small walk from Trafalgar Square itself.
The venue was a perfectly well layed out Tiger Tiger, with large rooms for the talks and funky mezzanine chill out reception area.



Woot !


That is all.


Towards a better Novell proxy login experience on Linux

For a long time I've been using the excellent cl4others utility to keep my Linux desktop machine logged into the corporate Novell firewall, so that programs don't get their expected updates (etc.) turned into a HTML password request page.
The offical Novell client packages are still a nightmare to install and configure, and don't actually authenticate me for some reason anyway.


Weekend's pictures

There are a few snaps from this weekend here.

Tim D arrived Friday and was fed more than enough from the local Chinese, together with two bottles of wine between the three of us before we walked it off back to ours.

Reseting a Flex DataGrid's dataProvider when using a filterFunction

It's fairly common to have a filterFunction applied to the ArrayCollection you are displaying in a DataGrid, such as to hide deleted items:


I was also allowing users to edit and remove the displayed items; so needed a quick way for them to 'reset' all their unsaved changes, which lead to a couple of gotchas.

<mx:DataGrid dataProvider="{dataGridData}" editable="true" id="wipDG"




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