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Job of the week

This weeks job offer of the week goes to, who really want me as a HTML monkey. So much so that they actually called me in to show them I could still use a pencil :-)

In other news: Rachael is ill with the stuff I had last week, and I'm adjusting to spending weeks without F1 again.
Update March 13 by Falken: I'm through to the 2nd round, more updates to come end of next week.

Phew !

Well, that was a busy day !

Outlook reckons I've sent double figures of applications today, and at 1830 I got a random call from a random agency trying to get me a job at the airport as a contractor $-)

tap, tap

tap, tap. Is this thing on ? Hello ? tap, tap.


So, what's all this about then ? Us - and if you don't know who we are, the exit is that way.

First, small service announcement - the hostname will change from to something more relevant shortly but I'll try and make sure you get a nice error message when it happens.

Second, what have we been up to recently ? We've done the revamped Blue Bell pub in Withington for a start - cheap drinks and favourite DJ in residence. Oh, yeah and we've got the worlds most modern looking dinning room table - in the future all tables will have frosted glass tops and neon tubes :-)


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if you are reading this, don't click it as it will mark you as a spammer