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Installing Flash CS5 will break your Flash debugging in FireFox and Flash/Flex Builder

Sometimes I am amazed that two parts of a single company can't work together.

Today was a classic example - I needed to install Adobe's Flash CS5 authoring tool, and already had a debug Flash player installed in FireFox. I also use Flash Builder for debugging Flex in the standalone player.

Installing CS5 broke both these things ! Why CS5 felt the need to mess, without asking or apparently thinking, I have no idea.

The fixes were fairly easy, but shouldn't have been needed.


Recreating the Flex 3 LinkBar and LinkButton in Flex 4

Recently I needed a proper Flex 4 version of the venerable Flex 4 LinkBar (a horizontal line of links), but all I could find was a posting of the beginning of the implementation. I also needed it to behave as a toggle so any one link could be selected.


My first few entries on the company blog

I'm writing a web page article now and again for work, and the first few are now up.

(links in the full article)


Unedited Flash on the Beach 2010 notes

Mostly for my own reference.


Illudium cfc generator updated

It's been a while since the Illudium template-based file generator had a new release, and certainly for what I was using it for it was fairly complete.



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if you are reading this, don't click it as it will mark you as a spammer