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That'll teach me to say the quakes hadn't taken down the server. Tas been down from 10 yesterday to sometime during the night when the DNS changes made it as far as you.


And I've getting a flu/cold hybrid too - sipping limsip 4 times a day seems to be helping though.

Rar !

!Pay slip!

First in a couple of months due to starting just before last months run, so very much apreciated.

Now, if my 'golden hello' was in it, I'd be really happy...

Stag and Hen night

Well, that was a sucess, those of us who went had a riot at the dog races - I won two out of ten races ! Shame we were only betting 50p's amongest ourselves, but here you go :-)
We tried going for pizza at Pizza Perfection after, but they'd "run out of dough". On a Saturday night. At 10pm. Someone was in trouble.
So we all piled back to ours for take-out and a little light relief, before crawling into bed.

The following morning was a bit of a slog, with bacon butties followed by a quick trip round Manchester's north quarter shops before lunch in Weatherspoons (ta Tim !), and then a brief hair of the dog in FAB.
But I got a rather nice t-shirt. It comes with an instruction manual for fucks sake :-) More on that when I have pictures.

A fun weekend, but I sleep walked through Monday :-)

Oh great

I just ripped the clip off my comfortable 'New Deal' pen.


OH, I crack myself up

The other day at work, the phone on an empty desk rang (we just had a summer intern leave).
So I picked it up:
Me: Hello, wrong extension
Voice: Oh... I think I dialed the wrong number
Me: I know you did
and they hung up :-)

And, whats more, didn't immediatly ring back !


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