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It's like an advert for a holiday offer in here, everyone else has wandered off...
Ho hum, at least the combined Stag and Hen party is getting organised.

I like the internet...

The MP3 jukebox at work is normaly on the build machine, but that's just crashed, so I'm playing Key 103 at the office as a subsituate, even though I'm in Kendal :-)

Moving house

Well, we're off to Kendal :-)

Valuers coming to see the house next week.

But aprehensive, but I think it will be worth it to be able to see Rachael every night.

Argh ! (but really rar !)

No full time jobs for a year, and then I get two at once.

One is as a security consultant for a company in Knutsford - but doing a fair bit of on-site customer work.
The other is doing ColdFusion in Kendal, which would mean moving.

Pro's and con's for both, and just had the agency for the latter on the phone asking what package would make me ditch the former :-)
I told them paying for me to move, so we will see, but atm I don't know what to do.


Big cycle

(It may help if you open this page first).

Well, that was a good 4 and a bit miles today on the bike.

I started of by going down to the river and over the Bailie bridge (right of the circle), then turning right to see how close I could get to the M67. It turns out you go under a big bridge holding the road before coming out onto the main road.

The path does not carry on over the other side, so I turned back and cut across a rather nice field to join the canel. You can see the greenery conecting the river and canel on the map, just up from the M67. The hill was a bit steep, and I had to push the bike over the tree roots, but there were two nice little brooks tinkerling along.

I had a bit of a drink by (not from !) the canel, before following it back towards the M67.

There was loads to see on the way to (it turned out) junction 2 and a nursery ! I even found a football and another bloke on a bike going the other way.

I turned round a short distance after the far side of the road tunnel after the M67. The path obviouusly runs a long way, apperently part of the 'Chesire Ring Canel Walk' (move down twice on the map).

One thing to note is the canel route has a number of off-shoots that come out very close to pubs... :-)

I came back via the carpark and picnic area, where the road croses the canel, then back over the Bailey bridge.

Next time I'll go the other way on the canel, before trying further south along it and the river (though the river bank looks much more ovegrown).

I hurt now, so I'm hoping Rachael gets back from work soon so we can cook tea.


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