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Bah :-(

Biz school job fell through.

Pass the wine and pizza.

Still hope for the security company thing, or failing that maybe some more customers. At least I got another 2 this month, one paying me a monthly retainer !


Grr. Biz school interview went really well, and I find out this week, but still have to apply for other stuff in the mean time and the suspense is killing me !

In other news, a speculative approach to a seurity consultany firm may well pay off on August 12th :-)

I hurt...

Well, Derby didn't come off (came 2nd from 5, apperently not enough client facing time !), but on the plus side I have an interview at the Manchester Buisness School this week :-)

Spent yesterday and Friday hacking and chopping in the back garden, we've now got much less tree, and a pile of branchs. And lots of hurting muscles :-)

Job News

One phone tech. interview later, and I'm off for an interview in Derby on Wednesday.
If I get it, it's an hour+ commute - but it's paydirt so I don't think I can complain too much - even if I'm going forward [1] for a smilar role nearer home.

Also off for a bit of a network this lunchtime with the owner of an IT firm who seemed intrested in my Perl skills.

And the AA coughed up too, which is nice.

[1] This appears to be agency talk for forgeting to ring me back ever.

Car Update

Well, they fixed it, but still waiting for the cheque from the AA to arrive...
Why I have to pay up front and then claim back the excess I have no idea.
Stupid AA.


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