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Remind me why I allow the government to steal [1] again ?

At the Job Centre last year:

Last year: "No, you can't have any dole money. You didn't pay enough NI in the last two complete tax years[2]."

... a new tax year sarts ...

At the Job Centre today:

Them: "Our tax years run January to January."

Me: "Ok, so I should have asked then then[3]. Do I qualify now ?"

Them: "No. It's taken from when you applied."

Me: "So if I hadn't told you I was laid off till now ..."

Them: "You'd probably get some money.[4]"

For fucks sake ! They take a huge chunk out of my pay packet, and I can't get any of it back ! What exactly was the point ? I'd have been better of being paid cash in hand and throwing 20% away ! Arghhh... !

Is it actualy illegal to be paid cash in hand, do your own tax, and not pay any NI ?

[1] Or take my money for no reason. Whichever you prefer.

[2] I was a student for half of one of them. So couldn't.

[3] Repeat this and previous line 3 times.

[4] Notice how this means even though I qualify for the money, I can't actualy have it, because I followed the rules and told them as soon as I was laid off.

So the morale is - leave telling the government your unemployed as long as possable.


Well, that was suitably an odd interview. As befits one I had no idea what they wanted due to a small advert.

They wanted a 50/50 spliit betwen IT and general help-out, which is OK for a bit, I guess. Went OK I guess - only got stuck once for words :-)

In other news... check back later for the new Jarre section and Jarrelook concert report.


Isn't it odd who turns up to borrow some bandwidth for a bit ?

Off to local pubstraunt tonight (a Brewsters) for a bit of three way action with two hamsters, a motorbike and a witch.

I've been a very bad boy

I didn't mean to ! My mouse sliped, and it just jumped out at me.

Oh dear. I'd better go lie down.

Did I mention it's the only car I know about that has a lateral g-force sensor on the dash. And a link to a PC so you can get graphs of, for instance, intercooler temp. ? I think I need a shower... I feel... dirty. And I'll probably need to be to afford the 37K price tag :-(

Tsk, this porn - it's everywhere.

I want to ride my...

Yup, definetly a set of paths round the back of the house for cycling on :-)

Gonna try a proper round trip on them next time.

Still having a problem with a lose saddle - looks like the clamp isn't sitting square with the brace on the underside - I'll have to take it off again and have a look.


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