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Work news

Interview time ! It may be at the odd time of 0900 this Sunday, and I may have great trouble finding "Artko" or "Jane's Fine Art" on google, but I'm starting not to care. Interview is interview :-)

The role is in Dukinfield, so should be easy to get to, we're talking by bus here !

In other news, still no other job news :-/

Peddle power

Phew ! That was nice.
Looks like there is a set of pavement footpaths running roughly parellel to the paath through the fields, which means I can go round that way even when it's wet.

This also means there is a 2 mile circuit that doesn't bring me back past the house and want to stop :-) Those of you who've been here:

1) From house, turn left towards bridge and turn left just before it.

2) Bear left at the end, and go past the Penny pub (shortcut through car park !

3) turn right just before our house, then 1st left and follow down the hill.

If it's dry (maybe tommorow) just head through the fence, then left along the field and out through the park before turning left.

If it's wet... well I'm not sure yet, but it looks like you can fight your way over towards the park without going back up to the house by just bearing left before the fence.

In other news the front door got a top up coat of varnish - needs another two tommorow.

Job updates

But, of course, now those two are waiting for their new budgets post-April 1st, so thats not much help yet :-/

In other news, I'm learning ASP this week, thanks to a generous donation to the 'learn something' fund.

And finialy, I've been out twice on the bike so far this week- helped by the excellent weather[1]. One of 2 miles, and another mile today finding a road-circuit I can use when the fields are too muddy.

[1] Woo ! NTL finial got interactive BBC1 going - nice customised weather forecast.

2nd round interviews

The company is too busy this week to hold interviews :-( Bah.
OTOH they must have given the agency some really nice feedback because the agency is putting me forward to a couple of other places, with a view to interviews next week !

Woo !

Job of the week

This weeks job offer of the week goes to, who really want me as a HTML monkey. So much so that they actually called me in to show them I could still use a pencil :-)

In other news: Rachael is ill with the stuff I had last week, and I'm adjusting to spending weeks without F1 again.
Update March 13 by Falken: I'm through to the 2nd round, more updates to come end of next week.


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