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Reseting a Flex DataGrid's dataProvider when using a filterFunction

It's fairly common to have a filterFunction applied to the ArrayCollection you are displaying in a DataGrid, such as to hide deleted items:


I was also allowing users to edit and remove the displayed items; so needed a quick way for them to 'reset' all their unsaved changes, which lead to a couple of gotchas.

<mx:DataGrid dataProvider="{dataGridData}" editable="true" id="wipDG"



Mylyn Reports

I'm always saying how good the Mylyn plugin for Eclipse is, in keeping the UI focused on the task at hand.

Because it integrates with your issue tracker, the trackers reports can be used if you want a summary of what you did, or what's still left to do.

But what if you aren't using an issue tracker in Mylyn, just the 'local' repository, thus getting a lot of the benefits without needing to set up anything else ? How do you get the reports then ?


In print

Fusion Authority is a professional technical journal that speaks to Flex professional developers. I thought this sounded like a great idea when I heard about it, and was keen to help out.

I'm pleased to say that they though so to, and I've now worked on several issues. You can read a bit more about it at


Silver arrows return

So McLaren have used the extra 100mil they have this year for not being fined to buy out Mercedes who jumped to Brawn as 75% owners.
The Silver Arrows are back !

But what of Button ?


Make Swiz log what it does in Eclipse (or Flex Builder)

I couldn't locate this anywhere, but the Swiz mailing list was very helpful.

If you want to see what Swiz is up to while it's doing it's wiring, you need to do two things.

1) Include the logEventLevel parameter to SwizConfig

<swizframework:SwizConfig xmlns:swizframework="org.swizframework.*"

You'll need to import the mx.logging.LogEventLevel class.



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