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A walkway...

Between the front & the back garden is now created. Yes I've just finished trrimming our trees to create an extension to the ginell way between our Front & Back Gardens.

There is still a little more that needs trimming (not done due to being only 1 person & no saw) but at least it's a start. The amount of sunlight in our back garden has about doubled & it nearly reaches the conservatory.

In other news, I've just reminded Tom the front lawn needs mowing (he he) and he's managed to break the scanner within 30mins of us managing to get it installed. Guess which of these he has made top proirity.

My sinusus

Well, the concert was fab but when we got home I had really bad earache, must of been the hills we were driving up & down.

The pain has gone this morning but I still can't hear clearly & have a stuffed nose.

I will be doing some family tree editing later so hopefully change some soon.

Today we've

As well as catching up on some obviously needed sleep(!) we've built 1 storage unit & placed stuff in the 2 already built - cheers Dad - & still managed to have 3 pieces left over, but at least the garage now looks organised.

I've remembered to buy some tissues so I can try to keep my red nose to a minimum & we've worked out the route to the concert tonight.

Bizarre TurnUp

Looks like I either have a bad synus inspection or have started with hayfever.....

I've got an appointment with the doctor on Monday to see what they say, but in the mean time have bought some hayfevevr tablets anyway.

Looks like Gardening could be fun soon.......

More updates later

My Old web page

Incase you were wondering, my old website is now here at

Just need to check the links work then it should be operation. I may even get motivated to make some changes since I don't have to try to get computers to connetc & transfer things about 500 times, so it felt!! I may be with some who knows about computers but I like to try & learn a bit on my own so it is slow progress, but I WILL get there.


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