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Confirmation of relation

Having just received the certificates I ordered from the Isle of Wight, I can now confirm the Chivertons are related to the Brown, Goodchild, Godwin, Gates, Sury, Arnold, Stacey, Clarke, Regis and Luxford families.


Thank you Gill for bring this line back to the 1750s as well.


The certificates that create the link are attached.


Dawson Photos

Thanks to Nanna for these photos.


Nanna (Eileen Ashton) and her father (Robert Ashton) on her wedding day.Nanna's wedding day


Chiverton Photos

Here are some photos we obtain at Christmas, thanks to Aunty Litt for being so organised.


The first Photo is Cecil Chiverton (1920 - 2004) in his army days.

The second is Susan Goodchild (1856 - Unkown)

The 3rd & 4th photos are Charles Henry Chiverton (1890-1939) and Ethel Mabel Chiverton (Brown, 1890-1975).

The 5th includes Cecil Chiverton (1920-2004) and Freda (1921).

The 6th photo includes Cecil (1920-2004), Freda (1921) and Alma (1933), plus one photo with Ethel their Mum (1890-1975)


Family tree updated

I have just spent over 2 hours updating and putting up the Family tree on a wall. 


We now have more history on the Chiverton line, including the Surname Brown and Goodchild.


Orchestra Dates 2009/2010 Season

Got next year's Concert dates last night, They are 7th November2009, 12th December 2009, 27th March 2010, 24th April 2010 and possibly 15th May 2010. Anyone interested in coming they are all held in Macclesfield, then let me know.



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