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Not again!!

Oh well,

As promised details were all signed end sealed last year - which included study support in the package. My 3 month review went well and then BHAMM......

I am in a consultation period to see if I am going to be made redundant in July - there really isn't any question - as the reason is they are moving all UK Finance to India in July!!

Hey ho back to job searching then



Rachael had her contract through for a permanent job on Friday (WHat a fab birthday present.  More details when everything signed and sealed.




Accepted an offer so all systems in motion,  There is only 1 chain the people buyin gours are selling a house but that is sold subject to contratc so hurrahhh...


Oops Blue is the new White

Oops due to 1 blue sock all my interview blouses are now BLUE!!
I have tried multiple things but they are still just as blue.  I have bleached some of the knickers, but I don't want to bleach my balck and white blouse or my cream one. 
Oh well we'll see how this next attempt works :-(


New Job

I have managed to get a new job - 6 Month contract - at Clarks (Walking distance from our house) doing International Credit Control, so it should help my college work as well. Thanks to the ICM recruitment service for informing and putting me forward for the role, which has also provided an unexpected pay rise as well!! I am happy


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