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Building ColdFusion services with ColdSpring and Reactor, an interlude

Before I get into the meat of using ColdSpring to save even more time (by writing the Service layer for you, believe it or not), I wanted to take time out to give you some 'take home' reading and also address some terminology issues.

Firstly, here's the reading list :-) (for Java's Spring, but makes some good general points while doing so)
As you can see from the dates, this is 'well baked' technology that's been around a while in ColdSpring, and it really does seem to take the pain out of the Service tier. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

Before going onwards, I wanted to point out that when I say that 'Managers' are exposed by, and have external interactions mediated by, 'Services', you may find the wider community uses 'Manager' and 'Service' to mean the same type of thing, as well as 'Business Object' or 'Domain Object' to mean 'transfer' or 'value' object. Services' are just proxies or remote facades (or RemoteFactoryBeans, if you've done your reading :-) ) in that context.
I choose the names because 'Managers' manage things, as opposed to the 'Services' that serve them up.
I'll stick to my definitions for now, so as to keep this series consistent, but in future I'll try to use one of the alternatives.

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