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Formula 1

BBC shows ITV how it should have done F1

The BBC have announced the details of how they will be covering the up coming Formula 1 season, and it's a sea change from what ITV dragged up.


Official: Formula 1 gives Ferrari special treatment

Well, what we've all suspected all along is now out in the open, the Ferrari Formula One team really are given special help over and above what any other team gets. As Bernnie says:
"[what] Ferrari get above all the other teams [is] the 'general help' they are considered to have had in Formula One".

Goes above and beyond the extra money they get and some way to explaning the bias in the stewards decisions last year that....


'nuff said


Nice job, but please, don't ever do that to my heart again :-)


ITV pull out of Formula 1 coverage - good riddance !

Just heard on the radio that ITV didn't even bother trying to extend their contract to show Formula 1 in the UK, so the BBC (who actually, might, care) have got the rights back from next season.
All live. All uninterrupted. All online too. No more repeats of things like this.

Hurrah !


Formula 1's 'Spygate'

So, now the FIA have released the details (17844641__WMSC_Decision_130907.pdf) what do we know ?

De la Rosa and Alonso both had tech. details from Ferrai and swapped amongst themselves. Both new it was illegal, and came via Coughlan. Eek. And there was a lot more info than we thought:



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