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Formula 1

Dear idiots at ITV's F1 coverage

What are you doing ?!? Cutting of a rookie's first win press conference would be bad enough, but this is a british rookie too !
Are you trying to annoy people ? You have 4 whole channels you could use to carry proper coverage - I can understand not wanting to disturb Coronation Street, but two films and some TT race-in-review session ?!? You could have dumped those and noone would have noticed.



That'll teach 'im

Montoya, who left Formula to turn left a lot in the US, has exploded in flames, heh :-)


More F1 stupidity

(Engine freeze next year)

Nooooooooo !

Repeat after me - F1 is not a single format sport ! All the teams are meant to be different - if I want 'homogenised' cars I'll go watch NASCAR, GP2, A1 or something.

And for no apparent reason, their not allowing engine storage/recovery (fly wheel


"You must be having a laugh"

Is what I shouted over my shoulder to the nasty little oik as I walked stright past the line of people queuing to have their tickets checked as they got of the train this morning.

Maybe it was because it as an hour and a half late, and I'd spent the better part of that sat on a hot train in between stations.

And to continue ranting, I find this - the FIA have got Microsoft to write the ECUs for the 2008 cars !
You know all those comparisons where people say ' you wouldn't expect your car to stop 3 times a day and refuse to start untill you took the stearing wheel off and put it opn again ' ? Well now, we can have that for real !

Hopefully it's just MS branding something made by someone who's got some experience and competence.


FIA Survey

Lots of interesting stuff here - dedicated tech TV programs, online programs, the return of bernie-vision multi-view TV, access to telemetry feeds (I guess this assumes the [bad] standard ECU).

It's very much about how technical F1 is, and where the level of tech is going.

Do the survey yourself to see what else is in there :-) A tad long at 40+ questions though, "most exhaustive survey in F1 history" indeed.



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