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Adobe's AIR cross-platform run time, which used to be called Apollo

Performance gotcha in AIR's local database

Today I was writing what looked like fairly simple code to persist ~60 items in a local database using AIR, and then load them back up at application start-up.

It all worked more-or-less first time, as advertised but would take several seconds to do all 60, during which time the application would appear to be locked up.
Neither disk or CPU usage would be max'ed out during this time either, which makes it double odd.
My code looked like


Remove 'unverified server' pop up in AIR

The problem:
Every time some AIR applications start, they give a prompt saying ’trying to connect to an unverified server (on port 443). Do you trust this server ?’.
Clicking ’always’ (out of 'always', 'this session' and 'never') doesn't work, and it always asks the next time anyway.
The solution:
Visit in your web browser, and look at the certificate information for the site (on FireFox, click to the left of the address, then press 'more information').


BBC gives iPlayer some AIR love for Christmas

The BBC announced a while back their intent to use Adobe AIR to make iPlayer work on the desktop of just about everyone.
And now it's happened.

And we thought a lot of bandwidth was being used at work for non-work things last month before we locked off Facebook :-)


Adobe gives AIR as early Christmas present

Adobe has today released the AIR run time for Linux, bringing full feature parity to the existing Windows and Mac versions and making AIR truly cross platform.

As a Flex developer, I'm far more likely to use AIR to build any desktop components of applications (or take web applications offline entirely) than just about the only real competition, Java.

Cheers Adobe, an excellent present to go into the Christmas break and next year with !



As I spoketh in the past (Adobe saves the BBC's iPlayer) so let it be



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