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CFEclipse ( is a plugin for the Eclipse IDE that helps write ColdFusion code.

Adobe DevNet article about CFEclipse

Adobe's ColdFusion Developer Connection has a nice article on CFEclipse, saying "If you aren't using CFEclipse, it's definitely worth a look. This article will introduce and get you started with using Eclipse and the CFEclipse plug-in as an alternative IDE".

I'm going. Are you going ?

Last years best ColdFusion conference, Scotch on the Rocks, is back in Edinburgh later this year !

I got so much out of last years, smaller, shorter and only slightly cheaper conference that work have kindly sent me again.

What will be said if you don't make it ?

Adobe is holding a ColdFusion IDE survey

Looks like this is your chance to give a bit of direction to Adobe on what you'd like from a ColdFusion coders IDE - take the survey here.

For the record, I plumed for 'free' as 'how much should it cost', but added a note that if the server was free, there was probably a market for an IDE with all the features CFEclipse doesn't have (yet). Competing with free is hard work though, and I'd much rather Adobe just paid people to improve CFEclipse.

Does Mark Drew ever sleep ?

Not content with getting a point release out the door recently, CFEclipse author Mark Drew has just posted yet another tweak to the 1.3 version that fixes a minor secure FTP issue and also updates the icon artwork.

You can read all about it here, update now to get the latest and greatest version of the ColdFusion Eclipse plugin.

CFEclipse 1.3 thoughts

As I'm sure you've all noticed by now, the number one IDE (all right, IDE plugin) for ColdFusion developers, CFEclipse, has been updated to version 1.3, but what does this mean for your daily life ?

By accident, I noticed that pressing F1 while in a tag no longer fires up the browser - you get nice help in a new side panel. This should mean no more flicking back to Adobe's site to look up something, hurrah !


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