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An alternative to ColdSpring for dependency injection ?

I just came across LightWire, anything that stops people sticking createObject() all over the shop helps maintainability, but I always though ColdSpring was light enough - certainly compared to the amount of time Reactor takes to start up the first time.


CFEclipse 1.3 thoughts

As I'm sure you've all noticed by now, the number one IDE (all right, IDE plugin) for ColdFusion developers, CFEclipse, has been updated to version 1.3, but what does this mean for your daily life ?

By accident, I noticed that pressing F1 while in a tag no longer fires up the browser - you get nice help in a new side panel. This should mean no more flicking back to Adobe's site to look up something, hurrah !

Thoughts on FusionDebug for ColdFusion

I notice it can sometimes hang the main Eclipse GUI while waiting for the contents of the variable drill down to fill in when a new level is opened, or just appear to be doing nothing but if you leave it for a bit it wakes up and populates things. Same goes for watch expressions - these at least say 'pending' though.


Why use CFCs in ColdFusion

From my point of view, we're now an order of magnitude or more above simply asking the user a few questions on a form and feeding those into a query and printing out the query in a table.

We want to break the request/response cycle, we want to make out code testable so we can fix things with out worrying about what we broke, we want to be able to reuse code and we want to be able to use the same code from an AJAX app, a CFML page, and a Flex application. That's just of the top of my head.


Running ColdFusion 7 on Windows Vista

Roland Collins writes "I've successfully gotten CF 7 running on
Vista (the full release) using IIS 7, and it works like a champ. There are
a couple of small manual configuration steps, but nothing too drastic. "


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