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Private variables in CFCs

My least favorite bit of ColdFusion objects (CFCs) came up again toay on CF-Talk:

<cfset var foo = "bar">

<cfset foo = "foo">

These two function-local variables may or may not be the same thing, and the latter may or may not get confused (randomly change value or vanish) without the former.The chance of this happening increases the more concurrent calls to the CFC there are.



Technology willing I'll be posting updates here every few hours over the course of Thursday conference. LiveJournal readers will need to check my real blog, sorry.

8:30: Met Ben Forta in the lobby, got checked in nice and quick, now watching the huge tele being built and apraising the swag

Just when you don't need to win something

Just when you don't need to win something - such as, ooh, a ticket to a coldfusion conference (Hi, ho. Hi, ho.), you do !


CFEclipse Update

Mark Drew has a nice little post over on the CF-Talk mailing list about what's coming up in the ColdFusion add-on for Eclipse - CFEclipse.

Cool new featues to come post the soon to be released 1.3 are CFC inspection ('if it can find it, it can hint to you what the methods and arguments are') and hints for method-local variables. These are all features considered core in something like the Idea Java IDE, and will help a lot.

Nested ands and ors in Reactor's OO queries

Or, to put it another way, how can I put brackets in the where clause of Reactor's query ?
(Reactor ? That's a framework for ColdFusion that transparently generates a variety of objects which can be used to interact with a variety of database systems.)

So, I want to be able to say in my query:



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