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Scotch on the Rocks 2010, Day 1 part 2

A whistlestop tour of HTML5 and CSS3

Chris Mills (Opera)
I should have bumped into the speaker before now really, as he's from Manchester, but we'd never managed it :-)
Anyway, Chris started with a bit of history, namely that  HTML4 is not dead. It can't do some things like video, which is why Flash got started in the first place. One great quote was 'bullshit will HTML5 kill Flash'.

Scotch on the Rocks 2010, Day 1 part 1

This years Scotch on the Rocks was based in central London, a conveniently small walk from Trafalgar Square itself.
The venue was a perfectly well layed out Tiger Tiger, with large rooms for the talks and funky mezzanine chill out reception area.


Protecting ColdFusion applications from common attacks

According to the top 3 security issues in web applications are:

  • SQL injection where end users can effect the SQL executed
  • Cross-site scripting (XSS) where users can cause JavaScript to be run by other users
  • Cross-request forgery (CSRF) where actions can executed as if a user is logged in, without that user actually having the site open in his browser.

The following explains how ColdFusion can help protect you from each.


Reactor project gets filters

The Reactor ORM framework for ColdFusion recently gained a useful feature called 'filters'.

Filters stand midway between using the built in object-based query language and 'rolling your own' methods using CFQUERY.


Scotch on the Road Manchester report [sotr09]

Keynote - Adobe

ColdFusion 8

Many awards - great media coverage too
talks up Gartner review saying that CF use should be expanded, was previously 'contain' and don't use for new projects.
Evans Data Corporation's developer poll - numbers flat in '04 and '05, up tick '06 to over 600k, steady increase till '07, then CF8 comes out in '08 and now over 778k developers. Tripling in 3 years ! ColdFusion is not dead :-)


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