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Slides and files for my Scotch on the Road talk [sotr09]

Here are the presentation slides and the example files for my 'ColdSpring Introduction and Web Services' talk that I just gave at the 'Scotch on the Road' conference in Manchester.

You can get just the Aspect Orinated Programming CFC components from


The ghost of Spectra lives in ColdFusion 8 !

For those who don't remember, Spectra was an Adobe application framework that provided a web based desktop and work flow capabilities on top of ColdFusion, that has since been retired and then open sourced.

But it turns out that the ghost lives on, because if you ask ColdFusion's document indexing service, Verity, for information about a collection, it lets you know that a ghost created it :-)


Adobe updates to help the ColdFusion community

Today Adobe released two updates to ColdFusion resources which will really help out the community.


ColdFusion conference in Manchester [UK]

If you've not seen this posting then you don't know that there is a fair chance that the UK's number one ColdFusion conference, Scotch On The Rocks, well be stopping off in Manchester during it's 2009 road trip.

If you are a ColdFusion developer and can get to Manchester for a day (and night ;-) ) you would hate to miss out, so let Andy know you could make it.

I've registered my interest directly along with a few other people, so maybe see you there if it comes off !


Why doesn't Reactor just...

If you have ever thought 'why doesn't Reactor just...' now is the time to let the Reactor team know.
Mark Drew has listed a few ideas of what might go into Reactor v2 on the mailing list (note the new home on Google Groups by the way) but I'm sure there's lots of other new ideas or improvements to existing features lying around in your head too, right ? If so, drop the mailing list or Mark himself a note about them.



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