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Files for my ColdSpring talk

You can get the slides and ready-to-run example code (including saved copies of the expected output) from here.

It was really good fun, actually, giving the preso. - and it seemed to go fairly well. The feedback has all been very positive so far too, which is ace.
You can view the recording if you missed it at

Thanks to all those who came and to Charlie for giving me the chance to do it.


Gotcha with Reactor records and exists()

Today I wanted to check if a particular record existed, given the primary key of that record and one additional field of it, and naively wrote:


I'm doing a talk about ColdSpring

On October 16th at 1900 UK time, I'll be giving a talk to Charlie Arehart's online ColdFusion user group.
It'll be about using the AOP and RemoteProxy support in ColdSpring to expose beans as services that can be used by CFML, Flex, SOAP, AJAX etc. clients with minimal code.
The session will be online via. and so will also be recorded.


FacadeStarter Updated

I've updated my ColdSpring FacadeStarter to prevent it creating a BeanFactory called 'application.beanFactory' that would then run in parallel to the factory created internally by the RemoteFactoryBean system.
This caused a very minor amount of additional memory to be used, and occasional problems with getting updated Beans to show up.


Come and discuss the future of the Reactor ORM

Doug Hughes has just posted that the first online meeting to talk about the future of the Reactor project is tomorrow, 5pm UK time, at

Reactor is my default ORM framework for ColdFusion applications, and I do have a few itches I'd like to scratch with it.
Come along and lets have a chat, plus you'll get to hear from the new project manager, Mark Drew.



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if you are reading this, don't click it as it will mark you as a spammer