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Proof ColdFusion rocks

Adobe ColdFusion has been making a lot of people take a second look towards its direction lately, and it is with good reason. It's simply the best application server and software language for application coding especially with the way today's broadband technology are set up. 

I'm always saying how good ColdFusion is, and now we have proof that ColdFusion rocks.
Not that I'd ever party on a table, oh no... :-)


Adobe fixes ColdFusion CFC remoting security bug

If you have ColdFusion 8, with CFCs exposed for remote access, with methods marked 'access="remote"' you probably did not know that this also meant any methods marked 'access="public"' could also be invoked remotely.

The obvious security problems now have a fix in the form of hot fix 71471 and it's associated KB article #40332.

You should apply this as soon as you can if your ColdFusion objects are being used by a Flex client, for instance.


ColdFusion 8.0.1 Updater, 64bit Linux Gotcha

Although the download page for ColdFusion lists several different Linux versions (SLES 9 and 10, for instance) if you end up at the actual support matrix for ColdFusion then only a limited sub set of that list is actually supported for 64-bit native (SLES 10.1 only for instance, not 9, and not any other version of 10).


What works on which ColdFusion engines

Current league table
Blue Dragon
Unplaced: Smith


Adobe DevNet article about CFEclipse

Adobe's ColdFusion Developer Connection has a nice article on CFEclipse, saying "If you aren't using CFEclipse, it's definitely worth a look. This article will introduce and get you started with using Eclipse and the CFEclipse plug-in as an alternative IDE".


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