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Adobe is holding a ColdFusion IDE survey

Looks like this is your chance to give a bit of direction to Adobe on what you'd like from a ColdFusion coders IDE - take the survey here.

For the record, I plumed for 'free' as 'how much should it cost', but added a note that if the server was free, there was probably a market for an IDE with all the features CFEclipse doesn't have (yet). Competing with free is hard work though, and I'd much rather Adobe just paid people to improve CFEclipse.

Do you want to build the next Skype ? In Flex/AIR ?

If you just said 'yes', you want something Adobe is working on, not even in private beta yet, code named 'CoCoMo'.

Getting the table name right in Reactor custom Gateway methods

If you are using Reactor, you are probably aware that it's best practice to put all those weird little cfquery's any project has all together in a project-specific Gateway file ''.


Building ColdFusion services with ColdSpring and Reactor, part 4

The final layer is the data access (this is normally combined with a database abstraction) layer, which commonly uses ORM techniques.
Reactor or Transfer typically slot in here and take care of the details of writing actual SQL.
As an example where this might be of use, here is a quick question- is the LIKE operator in the Where clause case sensitive in the Informix database? Reactor's GetWhere().isLikeNoCase() method knows the answer, which means you can mostly not care what database your code is running on.


Getting started with ColdSpring and autowire

This brief article is a follow up to the code that nearly worked at the end of Mark Drew's Scotch on the Rocks '07 presentation on ColdSpring.

The idea is that if you've written lots of setFoo() methods, so you can have property tags in your ColdSpring config inject dependencies at run-time, it rapidly seems as though you are writing everything twice (once in the CFC, once in the XML).



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