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Installing Adobe AIR on OpenSuSE using official repository

All modern Linux distributions have a concept of keeping themselves up to date with an online system of 'repositories' of applications that anyone can run.
Adobe have handily set one up for their AIR runtime, and provide instructions for RPM based systems that use 'yum' (like Fedora and RedHat) and DEB based systems that use 'apt' (like Ubuntu and Debian).
Although OpenSuSE can use yum, by default it has it's own 'zypper' system, but it can use the RPM repository anyway.


Scotch on the Rocks 2010, Day 1 part 2

A whistlestop tour of HTML5 and CSS3

Chris Mills (Opera)
I should have bumped into the speaker before now really, as he's from Manchester, but we'd never managed it :-)
Anyway, Chris started with a bit of history, namely that  HTML4 is not dead. It can't do some things like video, which is why Flash got started in the first place. One great quote was 'bullshit will HTML5 kill Flash'.

Towards a better Novell proxy login experience on Linux

For a long time I've been using the excellent cl4others utility to keep my Linux desktop machine logged into the corporate Novell firewall, so that programs don't get their expected updates (etc.) turned into a HTML password request page.
The offical Novell client packages are still a nightmare to install and configure, and don't actually authenticate me for some reason anyway.


Upgrading OpenSUSE 10.3 to 11.1

In summary: very smooth, much better than 10.1 to 10.3 because I didn't try to do it on line, but with an upgrade DVD.
Minor problems with the graphics card driver and monitor but they were easy to fix.

Some niggles with things like DNS but again, it was just a case of redoing tweaks from 10.3 that had been undone by the upgrade.


Editing files in VMWare disk images

Rather annoyingly VMWare's 'vmware-mount' command mounts the image read-only, so if, for instance, you need to remove the device drivers that make VirtualBox choke, you can't.

This is easy enough to get around, however:



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