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Editing files in VMWare disk images

Rather annoyingly VMWare's 'vmware-mount' command mounts the image read-only, so if, for instance, you need to remove the device drivers that make VirtualBox choke, you can't.

This is easy enough to get around, however:


VirtualBox choke

Today I went to start Windows as guest in my Ubuntu install of VMWare and, boom, VMWare has broken itself during one of the prior kernel updates (because it doesn't use DKMS or release patches quickly enough).
There had recently been a good thread on this on the Manchester Linux User Group's mailing list, so I decided to give migrating to something that more sensibly works a go.


Flex Builder on Linux canned, and how you can help get it going again

According to a report, Ben Forta has said:

"The project is currently on hold. There is not enough requisition for the product to continue its development"


What does AIR application install error "Error# 5100" mean ?

Sometimes when installing an AIR application, the installer refuses to proceed with the mysterious 'Error# 5100'.
This doesn't appear to be documented anywhere, but it actually means the temporary file space is full (i.e. /tmp/ on Linux).

Guess the 100meg cap on my tmpfs wasn't enough, eh :-)


Remove 'unverified server' pop up in AIR

The problem:
Every time some AIR applications start, they give a prompt saying ’trying to connect to an unverified server (on port 443). Do you trust this server ?’.
Clicking ’always’ (out of 'always', 'this session' and 'never') doesn't work, and it always asks the next time anyway.
The solution:
Visit in your web browser, and look at the certificate information for the site (on FireFox, click to the left of the address, then press 'more information').



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