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Adobe AIR for Linux updated

There doesn't seem to have been much fanfare as yet, but over on Adobe Labs the Linux version of the AIR run time was updated yesterday, and is now 'nearly feature complete'.


Flex Builder Linux will expire in 474 days

There's an updated build of Flex Builder for Linux available to download from Adobe Labs.
This release extends the time out considerably but I'm not sure if anything else has changed.


Who's rewriting my /etc/nsswitch.conf, eh ?

First my OpenSuSE machine at work decides to have it, and now I discover the reason why my Kubuntu laptop has been having horrible intermittent DNS resolution problems.
The offending entry in both cases was on the 'hosts:' line and said something like 'mdns4_minimal [NOTFOUND=return]' part away along.
At work, this utterly screwed up any attempt to resolve '.local' DNS names, which just happens to be the recommended way MicroSoft Active Directory is used, so it had to go there.


Deploying Railo on Tomcat 6 with Apache front end on Linux

Four easy steps to get the free Railo CFML engine up and running as a J2EE app and linked to a front end Apache.
We'll pretend your application lives in /parth/to/dir/above/web/root/webrootdir this is the DocumentRoot of your Apache and the root (default) context of Tomcat. 

1. Download Tomcat 6 from the nice folks at Apache and install it.
Configure a new Host entry in it's server.xml for your new Apache web root.


Game over man, game over !

You should run, not walk, to the nearest Adobe Flash Player download page, and install version v9.0.124.

Note, this is not some small fry error about connecting to sockets, or cross-domain access like what was in the other recent update.
This is SkyNet vs. Alien for the bragging rights over control of your computer.
From Flash (and therefore Flex too).



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