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Applying Dell BIOS flash updates

There is a problem applying Dell BIOS updates to (at least) the PowerEdge SC440 and SC430 models:

# chmod u+x SC440-010500.BIN
# ./SC440-010500.BIN
Dell BIOS Update Installer 1.1
Copyright 2006 Dell Inc. All Rights Reserved.

tail: cannot open `+78' for reading: No such file or directory

gzip: stdin: not in gzip format


Flash-based online BBC catch-up launches

I mentioned before (Adobe saves the BBC's iPlayer) this was coming but it's online now over at And it all seems, as expected, to work very well.
If our V+ PVR ever fails to record something, at least we have a backup.

Oh, you have to (appear to be) in the UK for it to work, on the assumption everyone in the UK has paid the licence fee and no one in the rest of the world has.


Kubuntu, Eclipse and Flex Builder

Getting Eclipse and Flex Builder to work together on my Kubuntu laptop was a lot easier than at work - because it's all 32-bit, mainly.


Bizarre Gallery plugin update error

If during the upgrade of the Gallery2 module for Drupal you see an error like this:

all_user_func_array() []: 
First argument is expected to be a valid callback,
'gallery_admin_settings' was given in /home/drupal/includes/


(and probably an empty or broken Gallery2 module admin. area) then all you need to is go to the theme admin. area and change a setting.
Any setting (I used the 'logo' toggle).
Save it, then change it back and save again.



Kubuntu 7.10, VMWare and USB

To enable USB devices on a Kubuntu host to be used by guest operating systems in VMWare server 1, you need to two things.



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