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Mirroring blogs from Drupal to LiveJournal

Well, that was easy :-) Much, much easier than the same thing from SlashCode, which was the expected-but-pleasing-anyway outcome.
Everything that I post into my On:Blog ends up on LJ too.

The code is below, in case anyone else finds it useful.
You'll need the LJ::Simple perl module in addition to the standard LWP module.

use LWP;
use LJ::Simple;

my $browser = LWP::UserAgent->new;

$url= "";

The war on spam

We've been fighting back against the tides of spam with BlueFrog , which reports spam to the FBI etc.

You can track how we're doing on the graphs page in the Gallery:


So, this 'ere Gallery plugin ... ?

If it works you should see a picture [GALLERY:2810] somewhere.

And this is a new revision, with an embedded other node Local Planning


What's happened to On: ?

Drupal :-)

The system we used to use for writing On: was called SlashCode and it was badly maintained, over the top and complicated to use.
Drupal is much simpler (for us and you).

I have brought across all the old user accounts, stories and journals (which is what SlashCode called what everyone else called blogs) - however it will take some time for things like URL links and categories in the imported items to be sorted as they have to be done fairly much by hand :-/

Good iMP

It works ! I have 'acquired a licence' and it plays.
But only in their player that wrapers Microsoft Media player, media player classic is out, and the standalone media player moans that it isn't inside the iMP.

Full screen works from inside the iMP though, add hides the mouse etc.

The blurb says "iMP is a free ... service". Bodes well if this is the final trailer for use after th



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topical-homopterousif you are reading this, don't click it as it will mark you as a spammer
if you are reading this, don't click it as it will mark you as a spammer