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A rich Internet application framework based on Adobe Flash® that enables you to create beautiful, scalable applications that can reach virtually anyone on any platform.

Kubuntu, Eclipse and Flex Builder

Getting Eclipse and Flex Builder to work together on my Kubuntu laptop was a lot easier than at work - because it's all 32-bit, mainly.


Do you want to build the next Skype ? In Flex/AIR ?

If you just said 'yes', you want something Adobe is working on, not even in private beta yet, code named 'CoCoMo'.

Adobe saves the BBC's iPlayer

The only reasonable way for the BBC to do it's job and offer it's iPlayer catch-up TV service (last 7 days TV on demand) across more than just one brand of Windows was using Flash.

People said that when the thing first came out.

And look... it has come to pass :-)

Projects like Adobe's Media Player and adding H.264 (high quality with low bandwidth use) support in Player are starting to make real sense now...

Flex Builder Cheat Sheet for Linux

I've modified Josh Buhler's Mac cheat sheet for the Linux short cuts and attached it to this post.

Enjoy !


Why Thermo should matter to Flex developers

Two interesting posts over on the FlexCoders mailing list recently, related to Adobe's Thermo graphical design tool for Flex.



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