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One thing that is missing from Flex Builder Linux

There's one thing that is missing from Flex Builder Linux, apart from refactor support.

An icon !

So attached is something you can use as a link in your favorite GUI menu to point at


The release notes for Flex Builder Linux don't match what I had to do to get 32bit Eclipse running on my 64bit Linux install, so here are the steps I took. They don't cover installing the (debug) Flash player into a 32bit version of FireFox, as this is well covered elsewhere.

Cairngorm is changing ?!?

Sounds like change is afoot for the popular Flex Cairngorm architecture.

This looks less like the Enterprise / plugable changes discussed previously, and right now I can't see the point of 'just' accessing the Model via the Controller, unless there is Cunning Support for automatically keeping (parts of) Model sync'ed via LCDS or something. 


Are you missing the best bit of Share ?

So, you've played a bit with Share, the new Flex based web file manager from Adobe (which if it doesn't get used by Buzzword will be a crime), right ?


FileReference uploads on Linux, when you have a proxy

Using FileReference to upload files from Flex may not work correctly to your local machine from Linux. It appears to send the POST to the web proxy, even though your local machine is in FireFox's 'don't proxy' list, which has never heard of foo.localdomain).



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