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Tweening Dates in Flex 2

Here is a Flex 2 effect that will let you apply a tween effect to a Date-based control, such as, ohhh, a DateTimeAxis on a chart.

You use it the same way as the AnimateProperty TweenEffect:

var ani:*=new AnimateDateTimeProperty(aChart.horizontalAxis);//have to use * to avoid type conflict on toValue"minimum";
ani.toValue=new Date( minDateVal+minDate );;


Debuging Flex remoting to ColdFusion

Apparently nowhere else is this mentioned, but if you get errors from Flex 2 applications saying :

[MessagingError message='Unknown destination 'ColdFusion'.']' faultDetail:'Couldn't establish a connection to 'ColdFusion'

One of the first things you might try is opening up the services-config.xml you compiled against, and finding the part of the channel definition that says:


Install Flex2 Charting with the SDK on Linux

As the Adobe doc's are a bit thin on the ground here, this is how to install the optional Charting stuff into a local install of the Flex 2 SDK.

  1. Download and unzip the Charting stuff from You want the 16 meg 'Windows' one. Ignore that :-)
  2. Run the installer from the command line and answer the question (where is the SDK) when it asks you: java -jar /tmp/Flex\ Charting/flex_charting_2_installer.jar
  3. ...
  4. Profit !

Baby remember my name

I'm a 'hero of the [flex] community' according to CFlex :-)


Flex 2 Schema for XML Editors

Here is an XML schema for the Flex 2 language that you can use with any XML high lighting editor.
You may need to rename it to .xsd if your browser thinks it knows better.

To use it in Eclipse, for instance:



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