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Fusion Authority is a professional technical journal that speaks to Flex professional developers. I thought this sounded like a great idea when I heard about it, and was keen to help out.

I'm pleased to say that they though so to, and I've now worked on several issues. You can read a bit more about it at


Make Swiz log what it does in Eclipse (or Flex Builder)

I couldn't locate this anywhere, but the Swiz mailing list was very helpful.

If you want to see what Swiz is up to while it's doing it's wiring, you need to do two things.

1) Include the logEventLevel parameter to SwizConfig

<swizframework:SwizConfig xmlns:swizframework="org.swizframework.*"

You'll need to import the mx.logging.LogEventLevel class.


Why Swiz might replace Cairngorm

Like a lot of people, I started off using the Adobe-sourced Cairngorm application framework for Flex applications, but there are several areas of pain with it - and they can't really be addressed within Cairngorm itself.
This has lead to an explosion in second generation Flex frameworks, of which I've looked so far at ModelGlue:Flex and Swiz.


Adobe open sources the Flex Data Visualization Components

Matt Chotin (the Flex SDK product manager at Adobe) just posted to say that has been updated for the new v3.4 SDK.

That page also has the Data Vis. components listed, and the download includes the source and is no longer watermarked.
Previously a Flex Builder licence was required to obtain the source and remove the watermark.


Flex 4 release date moved for the better

At last night's Flex 4 (aka Gumbo) Open Iteration Meeting Adobe announced that due to all the feedback from the community, they are going to push back the Flex 4 release date to 'early 2010' and also issue a further beta release later this year.

This is great news as it looks like the team will use the extra time to make the transition to the new Spark component set a lot easier, both in terms of the features it has and using it with the older Halo (Flex 3) components.



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