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A rich Internet application framework based on Adobe Flash® that enables you to create beautiful, scalable applications that can reach virtually anyone on any platform.

Scotch on the Road Manchester report [sotr09]

Keynote - Adobe

ColdFusion 8

Many awards - great media coverage too
talks up Gartner review saying that CF use should be expanded, was previously 'contain' and don't use for new projects.
Evans Data Corporation's developer poll - numbers flat in '04 and '05, up tick '06 to over 600k, steady increase till '07, then CF8 comes out in '08 and now over 778k developers. Tripling in 3 years ! ColdFusion is not dead :-)

New Flex/Flash Magazine

This looks like a handy magazine:

to have around to dip in and out of with a cup of tea...


Two RSL related gotcha's in Flex

The other day I came across two little gotcha's when using Runtime Shared Libraries in Flex. The first is an issue when using RSL and 'monkey patched' SDK classes, and the other is problems Flex Builder introduces for you when using it to compile CSS files.


Flex Builder on Linux canned, and how you can help get it going again

According to a report, Ben Forta has said:

"The project is currently on hold. There is not enough requisition for the product to continue its development"



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