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A rich Internet application framework based on Adobe Flash® that enables you to create beautiful, scalable applications that can reach virtually anyone on any platform.

Talk to Adobe's Flex SDK team

Next week the Adobe Flex SDK team is having an online discussion, following comments like these about how some aspects of the open source project could be improved.

Area's that are bound to be discussed are how Flex features and road maps emerge, technical implementation details discussed and resolved, unsticking the patch submission process and some other problems with the projects web site.


Flex Builder Linux will expire in 474 days

There's an updated build of Flex Builder for Linux available to download from Adobe Labs.
This release extends the time out considerably but I'm not sure if anything else has changed.


Building ColdFusion services with ColdSpring and Reactor, part 6

In the previous part, we saw how you can easily get up and running with the AOP features of ColdSpring in a ColdFusion project. But what practical use can this be put too ?
In this part I will show a simple piece of AroundAdvice that helps with reporting exceptions to clients of services. The next part will present a more complicated example - using BeforeAdvice to enforce security constraints and time-limited tokens.


Scotch on the Rocks, day 3 (live)

Sean Corfield, Event driven programming in ColdFusion
richer ui interfaces require more interaction (and less structured flow) than simply responding to clicks
decouple where things happen from what happens with them
multiple handlers for an event, how to define this:
configuration - ModelGlue, Mach-II, JavaScript and Flex
flex is more implict than JavaScript or CF frameworks - combobox listens to events on the dataProvider by itself.
convention - event user.list maps to user CFC list() method

Scotch on the Rocks, day 2 (live)

Borre Wessel, Modularizing Flex, Cairngorm & Modules
adds complexity - do you have a good reason i.e. large, slow to start applicataion, is code easy to share cross project (i.e. a well written component)
main application (in applicationDomain hierarchy) needs to have ref to any class shared across module
rsl (non-framework) actualy make your app bigger, but are stored in the browser cache, so if your next app needs same one that will be faster to start


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