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Scotch on the Rocks, day 1 (live)

Key note
Cf8 and beyond
Cf8 'doing very well' no more 8.releases
Cf open proc. Initive, open bugs, hurrah. More open to community, share control of new features etc. Built in frameworks, etc.
Claude englebert is emea cf adobe contact, one at last.
'cool' air/flex intergration, number 1 item is improved developer experince. Ide straw poll, eclipse massive win.
CF isnt just web apps anymore, your code hooks to Flex, AIR, PDF etc now.
Lcds bundeled with cf8, much easier then cf7 horror.

Cairngorm to be fully open sourced

In his 'I'm back' post, Steven Webster (Technical Director of Adobe Consulting) says of the popular Flex/AIR Cairngorm framework:


Nearly time for a Scotch

It's nearly time to go back 'up north' for the ColdFusion confusion - Scotch on the Rocks, and Fusion Authority has an excellent interview with organiser Kev McCave.

I'm looking forward to going again more and more as time goes past, and have started marking up the agenda - sometimes choosing a track is hard !

Hope to see you all there in two-ish weeks !

Game over man, game over !

You should run, not walk, to the nearest Adobe Flash Player download page, and install version v9.0.124.

Note, this is not some small fry error about connecting to sockets, or cross-domain access like what was in the other recent update.
This is SkyNet vs. Alien for the bragging rights over control of your computer.
From Flash (and therefore Flex too).


Adobe fixes ColdFusion CFC remoting security bug

If you have ColdFusion 8, with CFCs exposed for remote access, with methods marked 'access="remote"' you probably did not know that this also meant any methods marked 'access="public"' could also be invoked remotely.

The obvious security problems now have a fix in the form of hot fix 71471 and it's associated KB article #40332.

You should apply this as soon as you can if your ColdFusion objects are being used by a Flex client, for instance.



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