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Flex 3 Schema for XML Editors

Because of the large changes in the MXML attributes from Flex 2 to Flex 3, it wasn't possible for me to spend enough time changing the Flex 2 Schema for XML Editors to support the new version.
Fortunately, there is no need for me to do so because the XSD4MXML project has one for download, plus source code to generate it yourself from Adobe's own source code.


Adobe release pocket Flex 3 / AIR 1 reference for free under creative commons

If you are still waiting for your Flex Builder 3 posters to arrive, you could do worse than print out a copy of the 'pocket' Flex/AIR reference Adobe just released.
At 20 double sided A4 pages it's a bit bigger than my pockets, but still makes a handy go-to book to keep on my desk - even printed on the plain old office printers the print is readable.
Page 4 has a handy 'show to people who ask what I do' diagram too :-)


I'm contributing to Flex

After joining the contributor list for Flex last week, it appears that I have the pleasure of saying that the first external patch to open source flex was mine - making it easier to build Flex on Linux (#SDK-14810).


I'm going. Are you going ?

Last years best ColdFusion conference, Scotch on the Rocks, is back in Edinburgh later this year !

I got so much out of last years, smaller, shorter and only slightly cheaper conference that work have kindly sent me again.

What will be said if you don't make it ?

Using the Flex 3 Data Visualisation components with the Flex 3 SDK

For reasons best known to themselves, Adobe do not ship the trial Data Visualisation components with the SDK download, so you have to extract them from the Windows download yourself.
Update Aug. '09:The DV components are now available on their own, with full source and no need for a Builder licence to remove watermarks.
If you need older versions though, you'll still need the below instructions.

First, install the Flex 3 SDK:



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