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How to make your Eclipse plugin list survive an Eclipse upgrade

If you are playing around with the Linux version of Flex Builder, CFEclipse, or generally mucking about with your Eclipse, or need to upgrade to a new Eclipse version, you've no doubt been annoyed at the way this removes all your carefully installed plug-ins.
Fortunately there is a way to keep them across Eclipse re-installs.

All you need to do is create a few magic directories and one file:

Using __type__ to return objects to Flex from ColdFusion faster

I've been playing with the method that seems to have been hiding from everyone for a while at
to generate arrays of value objects based on a query, but without using createObject().


Does your Command call your View (tsk !) ?

Imagine a DataGrid. A DataGrid that is displaying Model.searchResults, but needs to start an effect and reset selectedIndex when the data changes

One approach maybe to follow a pattern than involves having the Command call a method on the View, and this view method takes charge of doing whatever else is needed.
This makes Commands more complicated and means Events have to have an extra 'view' property which is kept in the Command as a private variable.
The View then has to expose a public 'onCommandNameResult' method which the Command calls in onResult().

Having read[1] I think there is a better way to have the View respond to change in the Model (i.e. Command results) without needing this callback.


Flash-based online BBC catch-up launches

I mentioned before (Adobe saves the BBC's iPlayer) this was coming but it's online now over at And it all seems, as expected, to work very well.
If our V+ PVR ever fails to record something, at least we have a backup.

Oh, you have to (appear to be) in the UK for it to work, on the assumption everyone in the UK has paid the licence fee and no one in the rest of the world has.


Using RSL cache in Flex Builder

One of the reasons I love Builder (apart from CTRL-O and CTRL-SHIFT-R) is that I've actually managed to make the new RSL cache feature of Flash Player work, when previously I'd failed totally to do it using the free command line SDK compiler.

Taking the instructions from Adobe's RSL cache wiki entry, it was a simple matter to go through and set the Framework, RPC and DataVisualization libraries to be RSL .swz and .swf files.



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