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BBC's iPlayer (was IMP) released in one month !

According to the BBC web site the iPlayer 'watch again' service is out this time next month.


BBC's iPlayer moves forwards again, still stupid though

According to this article, iPlayer is now all-systems-go for a launch later this year.
On Windows only. And it wont have some things that are on 'listen again', because of a stupid non-reason.


BBC's iPlayer moves backwards again

Bah, even though the tech worked when I was on the IMP beta, seems to be saying that the BBC's program to let you watch any program from the last week when you want to is now stalled, waiting for managers and a re-write to work with Macs.

Still no word on Linux support either :-(


BBC's 'watch again' plans approved

You may remember I was on the beta of the BBC's iMP (as it was then) software, now called 'iPlayer'.

It's just been announced that it's all going ahead (bar some consultation over the next few months), and now you'll be able to hang on to shows for a full month. One of the biggest problems with the iMP was you only get 7 days to watch things after broadcast, which wasn't good if you went on holiday - the new restriction is better.


IPhone - pfft

Well that may look very nice, but does nothing my shiney new P990 doesn't do, for very much less money.




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