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IPhone - pfft

Well that may look very nice, but does nothing my shiney new P990 doesn't do, for very much less money.



Debug Flash player for Linux

Hurrah ! According to this post by Matt Chotin (a principal Flex engineer at Adobe), a full-blown debug version of the Flash player will arrive for Linux at some point.


Running ColdFusion 7 on Windows Vista

Roland Collins writes "I've successfully gotten CF 7 running on
Vista (the full release) using IIS 7, and it works like a champ. There are
a couple of small manual configuration steps, but nothing too drastic. "

Flash 9 player for linux

Matt Chotin said on FlexCoders:

Well, check with the next build [of the player],
it could be that the beta we put out had real problems.

Does this mean we can expect a 2nd beta of the linux plugin I wonder ?

One that maybe fixes the SIGSEGV crash during shutdown
#7 0xf5f3825e in NP_Shutdown ()
from /usr/lib/browser-plugins/
#8 0xf6da0df2 in XtAppProcessEvent () from /usr/X11R6/lib/
) ?
I can't tell if this just because it's a 32-bit plugin in a 32-bit browser on
an otherwise 64-bit O/S or not, but it does occur on all three (2xSuSE 10.0 and one SuSE 10.1) boxes we tried. I've submitted it as a bug report too, but they are not publicly searchable and this is :-)



Technology willing I'll be posting updates here every few hours over the course of Thursday conference. LiveJournal readers will need to check my real blog, sorry.

8:30: Met Ben Forta in the lobby, got checked in nice and quick, now watching the huge tele being built and apraising the swag


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