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Apollo wants to be free

Good news everyone !
Mike Chambers says that the Flex-for-the-desktop system known as 'Apollo' will be free - not only for normal people to run, but for us (me) to program and create with too.
I had someone how missed this annoucement previously so it's come as a pleasent surprise.


Mwuh ha huh ha !

Removing Microsoft Media player 10 and 11's protection, so you can play them in your car, Mac or Linux box.

Take that :-)
Wasn't this the stuff that was going to protect the BBC's iMP ? It doesn't unbreak video yet, but it's obviously only a matter of time before the good geeks crack the media companies pointless security.


Hurrah !

The new Transformers film got a slot on BBC news this morning (very positive), and the robot modes look great.

In other news, the fine people over at The Firmware Page have got a tool to unlock the region of my laptops DVD drive (a Toshiba SD-R2512), at last - see attached :-)


Adobe's asdoc JavaDoc alike on Linux

So, I tried to ignore what Adobe say on their web site about Windows and OSX only.
Downloaded the zip and unpack over the top of the SDK, as per the official instructions. And:

#/opt/fds2_sdk/bin/asdoc -doc-sources com/YYYY/as3/utils/
Loading configuration file /opt/fds2_sdk/frameworks/flex-config.xml Error: Could not create toplevel.xml: java.lang.RuntimeException: Currently ASDoc only runs on Windows and Mac OS X.

POS :-(


Debuging Flex remoting to ColdFusion

Apparently nowhere else is this mentioned, but if you get errors from Flex 2 applications saying :

[MessagingError message='Unknown destination 'ColdFusion'.']' faultDetail:'Couldn't establish a connection to 'ColdFusion'

One of the first things you might try is opening up the services-config.xml you compiled against, and finding the part of the channel definition that says:



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