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Two RSL related gotcha's in Flex

The other day I came across two little gotcha's when using Runtime Shared Libraries in Flex. The first is an issue when using RSL and 'monkey patched' SDK classes, and the other is problems Flex Builder introduces for you when using it to compile CSS files.


Flex Builder on Linux canned, and how you can help get it going again

According to a report, Ben Forta has said:

"The project is currently on hold. There is not enough requisition for the product to continue its development"


ColdFusion conference in Manchester [UK]

If you've not seen this posting then you don't know that there is a fair chance that the UK's number one ColdFusion conference, Scotch On The Rocks, well be stopping off in Manchester during it's 2009 road trip.

If you are a ColdFusion developer and can get to Manchester for a day (and night ;-) ) you would hate to miss out, so let Andy know you could make it.

I've registered my interest directly along with a few other people, so maybe see you there if it comes off !


MICM (Grad) - Results

I have just got my results and have passed the ICM Diploma final stage with a credit. Yay.

I now get to use MICM (Grad) after my name.


I'm going. Are you going ?

Last years best ColdFusion conference, Scotch on the Rocks, is back in Edinburgh later this year !

I got so much out of last years, smaller, shorter and only slightly cheaper conference that work have kindly sent me again.

What will be said if you don't make it ?


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if you are reading this, don't click it as it will mark you as a spammer