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Not again!!

Oh well,

As promised details were all signed end sealed last year - which included study support in the package. My 3 month review went well and then BHAMM......

I am in a consultation period to see if I am going to be made redundant in July - there really isn't any question - as the reason is they are moving all UK Finance to India in July!!

Hey ho back to job searching then


Hi, ho. Hi, ho.

Hi, ho. Hi, ho. It's off to CFDevCon we go.

Nice of work that :-)

Much cool stuff will be shown off there, it seems, as well as a chance to see some of the people who's work I use everyday.



Rachael had her contract through for a permanent job on Friday (WHat a fab birthday present.  More details when everything signed and sealed.


This could go to my head ya know

Got a very nice email this morning, and because the power is down to the dev. DB I thought I'd post it :

"I always know it's time for me to go to bed when you start popping up all over Flexcodrers :).
We've never met, but I want to let you know, you do a fantastic job of the Flex community. It's guys like you that help build the user base, which in turn, makes my blog look a lot more reasonable. Keep up the good work. I always enjoy seeing my inbox filled with you imparting wisdom :)"


Evil food

Mmm... Smokin' Bacon flavour pringles - perfect coding food !



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