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The more things change

The more things change the more they stay the same- server room door has been wedged open all day it's so hot.

Still, nice weather for poping back south for a weekend of packing. Gotta get through FONT and some free-drink work thing first though- such hardship :-)


Should have walked to station

I pumped up a front tyre at weekend because it was a bit low.

Flat this morning :-(

Changed now but next train 9.46 !

Hope work will be OK with this as it's still my first month.


They must trust me

Been logged on to the live public web server for a few days getting ready for an Apache upgrade, and hopefully my first app (in Flex with a ColdFusion backend, no less) will go live straight after that.


New work working well

New work is great - down the pub for lunch two days last week, and a total lack of stress.

Getting to the point of doing real work now, using Flex in anger for the first time. And it is very funky.
Not worth god-knows how many thousands, but apparently Flex 2 will be free (to compile) and the beta does full-blow CFC remoting for added 'wow'.

Finally saw a moving tram today too :-)


Sign of the times at work

One of the reasons I'm leaving my current job was illustrated rather well today when we had an open day to demo our stuff to "hundreds" of local companies.

Not one turned up.
No even just for the free food and drink.



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