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Deploying Railo on Tomcat 6 with Apache front end on Linux

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Four easy steps to get the free Railo CFML engine up and running as a J2EE app and linked to a front end Apache.
We'll pretend your application lives in /parth/to/dir/above/web/root/webrootdir this is the DocumentRoot of your Apache and the root (default) context of Tomcat. 

1. Download Tomcat 6 from the nice folks at Apache and install it.
Configure a new Host entry in it's server.xml for your new Apache web root.

<Host name="" appBase="/path/to/dir/above/web/root/">
<Context path="" docBase="webrootdir"/>

2. Follow the handy guide to connecting Tomcat to a front end Apache. I tried using the tomcat5.5 package Ubuntu ships with, but it didn't play well.
Leave out the JkMount line but make sure the others get into the main (not inside virtual host) config.

3. Create a new web root somewhere, and make an Apache virtual host for it, using the JkMount line from the Tomcat guide to map '/*' to 'worker1'.

4. Download the 'Railo Custom'.jar distribution from the bottom of the Railo download page.
Unpack the files into a new directory called <webroot>/WEB-INF/lib/.
Create a new file called <webroot>/WEB-INF/web.xml to define the J2EE web site - there is an example on the Railo site here, but it's missing servlet and servlet-mapping lines for using RemoteObject from Flex - though this is due to be corrected.
I've attached a version with these entries.

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if you are reading this, don't click it as it will mark you as a spammer