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Roll up, roll up - get ya sheet music 'ere.

Two for a click, suit you luv - 'ave a banana.

Ashton's tree updated

Right, following some changes from Nanna I've updated the Ashton family tree... have a look & let me know if you can add anymore to it.

Ashton Family Tree

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Jarrelook @ Haslingdon

Wow !

Extended review below...

Update April 11: JarreUK has Duncan's photo's up

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Our back garden plan is up

Since we've got the scanner working we hought 1st thing we'd do was put up the plans for the back garden.

Large Garden File

Small Garden file but as much colour

So far I have cleared the walkway that leads from the ginel way by the conservatory to the path between the Gravelled sections. There will be flower pots which we haven't put on the plan as we're not yet sure on size or location, but have agreed no flowerbeds in the back, them & lawns will be confined to the front garden.

Feel free to have a look at the plan & let us know what you think. Feedback will be welcomed but we are aware that the pond is coloured in pink, oh & the smiley face is our Gargoyle fountain.

A walkway...

Between the front & the back garden is now created. Yes I've just finished trrimming our trees to create an extension to the ginell way between our Front & Back Gardens.

There is still a little more that needs trimming (not done due to being only 1 person & no saw) but at least it's a start. The amount of sunlight in our back garden has about doubled & it nearly reaches the conservatory.

In other news, I've just reminded Tom the front lawn needs mowing (he he) and he's managed to break the scanner within 30mins of us managing to get it installed. Guess which of these he has made top proirity.


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if you are reading this, don't click it as it will mark you as a spammer